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So you bought a firearm, here’s what you need to know about gun safes

The world is filled with firearm hobbyists, and if you are have just bought a gun to enjoy some target practice on the weekends, you’re going to need a gun safe. In Australia, this requirement is for the security of the firearm, and the safety of those in your home, and is absolutely necessary if you own a gun.

At Lock Supplies, we know just about everything there is to know about gun safes, and with years of experience, we have determined exactly what you need to know about gun safes.

Legal Requirements

In Australia, there are specific requirements for the safe that houses your gun. For example, In South Australia, a ‘prescribed safe’ is simple a gun safe made of steel rated at level one. This means that they have a thickness of a mere 1.6mm.

It is important to adhere to these requirements, and often, exceeding them in every capacity is a good idea to ensure the safety of the weapons and those around. At Lock Supplies, we know what requirements your particular firearm will need, and what safe will best protect it for the long term.


It may seem obvious, but protecting your gun for safety purposes is vital. A gun safe will protect those in your home. If any unwanted hands find their way onto your firearms, it can have fatal consequences. This is the main function of a safe, as it ensures that only those who have access know how to open the safe. With a high-quality safe from Lock Supplies, you are able to rest assured knowing that your guns a safely locked away, and that you are the only one who can access them with ease.

Protect the investment

Firearms are not cheap, and it is crucial to treat them like the investment they are. Like any significant purchase, you want to protect it from theft for financial reasons. A gun safe, like a regular safe, can protect these items from intruders and burglars. The gun safes are also designed to protect against water and in some cases fire. This protection means that in an unfortunate event like flooding or a house fire, these items are less likely to be destroyed.

The multiple functions of a gun safe mean that it should be considered just as seriously as the firearm itself. At Lock Supplies, we know about all of the different safe models and brands, as well as what the South Australian requirements for a safe are. If you have recently got your firearm license, or a considering purchasing a gun, drop by Lock Supplies. Our team of experts will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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