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Tips For Safe Gun Storage

More and more Australians are owning firearms ranging from a handgun, rifle, pistol or shotgun. Firearms should always be handled carefully and stored correctly. Even though today's guns are sturdy, they still need to be stored appropriately to prevent any accidental discharge, theft, quality degrading and most importantly to avoid accidents. We’ve listed some hot tips for safe firearm storage to help you out.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Storing your firearm in a cool, dry environment will protect it against damage such as rust. Humidity and excessive heat will make your gun rusty, which damages its appearance, which in turn can affect the firearm to the extent that it no longer functions correctly.

Use Gun Safes

Instead of using trigger or barrel locks store your firearms in a gun safe. These measures are considered to be the minimum requirement for gun storage in Australia. However, it is essential that gun owners go beyond the basic requirements and store their guns in gun safes, which provide a higher level of protection. 

Invest in Locked Ammunition Containers or Crates

It is highly essential that you don’t leave ammunition just lying around. Taking the correct precautions prevents anybody from tampering with it. In turn, this will also protect your bullets from things such as moisture and extreme heat.

Never Store Your Guns Loaded

Separate your ammunition from your guns before storing. For instance, you can lock the ammunition in a container and then lock it alongside your firearms in your gun safe.

Teach Your Children About Safe Firearm Storage

If you have firearms in your home, it is important that you educate any children also living in your home about the dangers that are associated with firearms is they are not stored correctly or mishandled.

Security Cameras Near Gun Storage

If your budget allows installing security cameras near your gun storage location is a wise idea, especially if you have a significant collection. This will provide you with peace of mind as you are able to see whoever goes near the gun safes.

Common Sense

When it comes to guns, common sense is essential as far as their storage is concerned. Always, ensure that you are taking the extra precautions in order to avoid potential dangers that may be caused by carelessness.

For all your gun storage needs in Adelaide, head down to Lock Supplies. We have an extensive range of gun safety products, ranging from firearm safes, racks, locks and so much more. Call Lock Supplies today!

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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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