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Lokaway L26F Fire Resistant Safes (45 minutes) Home / Office Storage Safe. 53kg.. Product #: L26F based on 0 reviews Regular price: $720.00 $720.00


Brand: Lokaway
Product Code: L26F

Price: $720.00

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Swing'n'Slide Technology

The new designs are patented in over 20 countries and offer consumers one of the best Anti-Pry door designs on the market today. Seeing is believing so we have included videos which clearly demonstrate the system. Our Swing’n’Slide design is like no other on the market and offers you peace of mind when locking up your valuables. With the most common form of break ins being done with easy to acquire hand tools our design will leave the criminals frustrated if they try and pry open a Lokaway Swing’n’Slide safe.

Commercial Safes with Swing'n'Slide Technology

There is a safe for everyone in our range with a safe to suit almost any location. Included in this range are a selection of Fire Resistant safes combined with heat expanding seals making them extremely tough no matter what the conditions.


Features : 

  • Home / Office Storage Safe.

  • Weight 53kgs.

  • Ideal for Jewlery, Passports and other Household Valuables.

  • Interchangeable key lock.

  • Anti drill plate.

  • Full carpet lined.

  • Patented Anti-pry Innovation.

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